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Interior sliding doors

There are now many ideas and solutions in interior design that allow you to turn a room into an unusual style object and save space. One such solution is a sliding door.
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There are various ideas and solutions allowing to add unusual style and save space in your flat. Rolling doors represent one of them.

Design of the door units intended for the sliding doors

Rolling door unit may include one or two leaves rolling on the guide rails. Extension-type system allows to open or close the door without drawing the door leaf aside.

A monorail system normally used with sliding doors is often used for the rolling door unit. This door begins moving being slightly knocked.

Double-leaf rolling systems also exist. They have principle of operation reminding that of the mini-bus door, i.e. The door opens only after being applied an effort.

Apart from being simple in everyday use, these doors considerably save the room space.

Swing type doors demand free adjacent area of 60 to 100 cm which is a disadvantage for compact flats.

Rolling system is good for disabled people since the rail is located overhead and there is no door sill which may obstruct movement.

Weak point of the rolling system - poor acoustic insulation. Therefore, don’t use this for bedroom or children’s room.

Door leaves intended for the sliding door systems

Belwooddoors can offer the following door leaves which can be used in rolling systems:

  • Blank door leaf with natural pine wood frame, with MDF plate. Finishing may be veneer, eco-veneer, polypropylene.
  • Glazed door leaf with glass inserts (including mirror) with MDF plate. Finishing may be veneer, eco-veneer, polypropylene.
  • Door leaf with MDF plate and natural pine wood frame. Enamel coated.
  • Laminated door leaf (CPL).

Plastic door leaf will hardly match the rolling system due to low hardness and short service life of this material.

Solid wood doors have considerable weight and will not therefore match the rolling system due to heavy load which the rail will have to withstand, solid wood's “uncertain temper” and high price.

Glazed rolling system — a good choice for the locker room.

Using this system you can improve visual comprehension of your flat: for example, if our ceiling is low it is good to apply vertical dull color strips on glass or mirror to raise the ceiling, or else, horizontal strips to make your room more wide.

Types of mechanisms used with single-leaf sliding doors

There are two types of guide rail mechanisms.

Selection will depend on whether the door will move along the wall or will hide inside the wall.

In the latter case you will have to attach additional casing to locate the rail inside. However, this will require preliminary planning activities.

Besides, it may be necessary to provide lower and upper rails where door opening mechanism is external type.

These also have their specific characteristics which should be taken into account during installation.

For door leaves with MDF plates covered by wood veneer, enamel, polypropylene, with or without glass inserts it is recommended to locate the door leaf on the top-mounted rail.


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Interior sliding doors

There are now many ideas and solutions in interior design that allow you to turn a room into an unusual style object and save space. One such solution is a sliding door.

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