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At what stage of renovation are interior doors installed?

It's a good idea to ask yourself this question before you start renovating.
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It is reasonable to put before yourself the question at the initial stage of renovation.

There are so many nuances: it is necessary to measure the rough opening and the door-frame of the new door sizes correctly, decide which way the door is to open, and in general whether it will be comfortable to leave the opening in this place or it is better to move it.

Timely calculations and planning will save you unnecessary hassle.

It is necessary to accurately plan in what order the furniture will be located in order to determine the need to move the doorway or expand it, so that nothing interferes with opening and closing the doors, and so the door does not interfere in the room.

It is necessary to compare the seasons with the temperature conditions of the room and the material from which the design is made.

Metal doors are not affected by changes in temperature and humidity, whereas wooden doors may shrink slightly in dry conditions or during the heating season. And in humid environments or in autumn, when it is already cold and the heating is not yet on, temperature changes create some humidity in the room and the wood may swell slightly.

All these factors must be taken into account, and choose the time when the installation of the interior door will be the best possible or create the necessary conditions in the room for high-quality installation.

What needs to be done before installing the door

  • Installation, replacement of windows.
  • Plastering, leveling, priming of the ceiling.
  • Plastering, leveling, preparation for covering or painting the walls.
  • Rough work of the floor, its leveling and preparation for coating.

Next, there are several suitable moments for the installation of doors

When exactly to install interior doors

If you need to widen the rough opening, do it before finishing the room, otherwise a large amount of dust will be on clean ceilings and walls.

If the door-frame is precisely adjusted to the size of the opening, then it is more correct to install the door after finishing the walls and ceilings.

We recommend you do the installation step-by-step: the door-frame is placed before fine finish of the ceilings and walls, and the door slab and casings are placed after.

In this case, it is excluded to stain and damage new wallpaper or painted walls when installing the door-frame, and at the same time, the wooden slab does not absorb moisture and does not pick up moisture during painting and pasting when the humidity in the room rises.

In order to avoid damage and impurity, it is better to cover the installed door-frame with masking tape, and then, at the end of all dirty work, before installing the door, remove it.

Advice on the gaps between the door slab and the floor

If the installation is carried out before the floor covering with laminate, parquet, linoleum and any other material, then it is necessary to accurately calculate the width of the coating, as well as the glue or other base that will be used when laying/covering it.

If the door is installed at the stage when the floor is ready, then for a wooden door it is enough to leave a 1/5’’ (5 mm) gap between the door slab and the floor, for a plastic one 1/8’’ (3 mm) is enough.

During installation, it is necessary to take into account whether there will be carpets on the floor under the door slab, along the whole circular length? If it will be, then you need to take into account their thickness and broaden the gap.

In general, it is better to install interior doors at the last moment so that they do not lose their appearance and functionality, but to plan and calculate everything in advance, so that later you do not have to redo or endure inconveniences due to inaccuracies and mistakes.

And before installation, it is always necessary that the doors get "alive" a little, "acclimatize" in their new home.

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