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Is it worth making a door threshold?

The threshold is the part that closes the bottom part of perimeter of a door frame
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A threshold is a structural detail that encloses the perimeter of the door-frame.

Once upon a time, interior doors were installed in such a way that the bottom of the door-frame formed a threshold in the rough opening between adjacent rooms of the apartment. Everything seemed reasonable and unshakable.

Now the owner of the apartment, when installing new or replacing old doors, decides whether or not to be a threshold.

Before making such a decision, it is worth understanding the logic of the builders of past years and considering the advantages and disadvantages of the threshold.

A door sill is a useful element and fulfills an important task. An interior door is a structure/design that ensures a tight attachment of the door slab to the door-frame. A threshold is a structural detail that encloses its perimeter.

You need a threshold if you have to:

  • Insulate the room from noise (installing a rubber seal is an option).
  • Ensure a comfortable room temperature.
  • Prevent dust, dirt, water and odours from the hallway, kitchen, bathroom, toilet or storage room from penetrating into the room.

The threshold also helps when there are height differences between floors in adjacent rooms and makes a harmonious transition from one type of flooring to another.

You don't need a threshold if you have to:

  • arrange a safe play space for kids;
  • provide an “accessible environment” for an elderly or disabled person living in an apartment;
  • create harmony of a single space.

The threshold can also be inconvenient when cleaning the apartment with a robotic vacuum cleaner.

As a "Solomon´s decision", an automatic threshold can be installed. (smart sweep)

Such a threshold is constructively installed into the lower part of the interior door. When the door is closed, the threshold automatically drops and the door is tightly attached to the door-frame.

If subsequently a fixed threshold is nevertheless needed, the design market offers several types of insert thresholds made of various materials with a variety of installation methods.

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What does an interior doors unit include when you buy it?

The door is not only the door slab, but also the unit for the slab installation into the rough opening (door-frame, casings, extensions) and hardware, that ensures the door operation.

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Interior door, apart from the necessity to duly comply with room design should possess consumer value and have acceptable price.
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