Unita 208

Moldings and edges of aluminum frameing this wooden pine door. Unita 208 is very durable. It`s covered with a special enamel, which protects against negative influence and keeps the depth of colors and textures.
Blank doors
Морская волна
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Technical characteristics

  • Material
  • Type of coating
  • Production technology
    Wood-frame and shield
  • Completing
    The model comes complete with accessories: invoices hinges and lock, installed in the web
  • Dimensions
    600мм х 2000мм х 40мм
    700мм х 2000мм х 40мм
    800мм х 2000мм х 40мм
    900мм х 2000мм х 40мм
  • Glass
    Tempered glass
  • Door panel
  • Bulkhead
  • Jamb
  • Finishing panel
  • Aluminum edge
    Protective Aluminum edge

In detail about Unita 208

Unita 208 is made of pine forest and framed with aluminum edge. This solution gives to product perfect look.

The door is covered with enamel on the basis of polypropylene. This coating protects the door from moisture and sunlight. The coating is safe for humans, as it does not contain harmful elements. Model has 6 mm thick glass. The glass is very strong - when breaking it`s does not crumble into sharp shards, it disintegrates into grains with rounded edges.

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