Guarantee conditions

List of factory defects covered by the warranty

The warranty period for all products is 24 months, starting from shipment and to the receival by the customer.

If the customer detects a factory defect within two years of use, in that case we will exchange the goods of improper quality, and if an exchange is impossible (if the required products are not available), we will refund the amount paid for it.

The warranty covers the following defects:

  • cracks on milled mortgages;
  • separation of fiberboard from embedded and pine frame;
  • peeling of facing materials on the front of the canvas and on the edges;
  • discrepancy in the places where the bars are joined in the mortgages (discrepancies up to 2 mm wide, plastered in factory conditions, are not considered a defect);
  • veneer sanding to fiberboard;
  • the discrepancy of the veneer at the junctions of individual veneer strips (discrepancies up to 2 mm., plastered in factory conditions, are not considered a defect);
  • veneer chips at the ends and at the milling sites (minor chips plastered at the factory are not considered a defect; minor inclusions under the cladding or in the paintwork, structural irregularities are not considered a defect);
  • the curvature of the canvas is more than 4mm.;
  • displacements of the canvas elements visible from a distance of 1 m (asymmetry);
  • multiple cracks in the paintwork (not mechanical damage);
  • through corrosion (for

    The manufacturer is not responsible for the defects of the goods arising after their delivery to the consumer or through the violation of transportation rules, maintenance rules or misuse, poor performance of assembly and repair work by third parties as a result of natural wear (abrasions, scratches, dents, chips, loosening of hinges, locks, handles, colour change), as well as in case of reveal of unauthorized changes in the design of the product.

If a defect is found

If you discover a defect during use, you should send a written statement with a detailed defect description by mail or to our email address. Also, attach clear photos and a document confirming the purchase (a copy of the sales receipt). You can also contact the showroom where the product was purchased.

The application review period is up to 14 calendar days, after which our specialist will contact you to clarify details and remedy the defect.

Exchanges and returns

If the goods of proper quality purchased in our shop do not suit you, you can return them or exchange them for a similar one within 14 days.


  • The goods have not been used.
  • All product elements are present as originally purchased.
  • The presence of undamaged factory packaging (if the packaging is missing, the buyer must compensate for its cost).
  • Fully preserved trade dress and consumer properties.

To make a return, the consumer must have the documents confirming the purchase of the goods and a passport..

The customer shall deliver products subject to exchange or return at their own expense.

For more information, please get in touch with the managers of the showroom where you made your purchase.

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