Our portfolio

Model LOTBERY in Pearls/Patina with Gold. Photo provided by the client.

Model: "LOTBERY"
Color solution: "Pearl/Patina with gold"
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Royalty model in white color. Customer`s photos.

Model: "Royalty"
Color solution: "White"
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Model Palazzo 2. Customer`s photos

Model: "Palazzo 2"
Color solution: "Ivory"
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Office of Synterra Construction

Object type: office
Number of door blocks: 23
Model: "Classica CPL", "Avesta", "Classica DP"
Color solution: "Terrano pear", "white enamel"
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School number 1595 for 1100 places, (Moscow)

Object type: school
Number of door blocks: 194
Model: "Classics" CPL and "Classics DP" CPL
Color solution: "Black"
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Private home in California

Object type: house
Number of door blocks: 16
Model: "Matrix 02"
Color solution: "Gray Oak"
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Palladio 4H in the client's house, Astana

Model: "Palladio 4H"
Color solution: "Noce"
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SVEA white, customer photo (Belgrade)

Model: "SVEA"
Color solution: "White"
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Model Palazzo 2 in white. Photo of the client from Astana.

Model: "Palazzo 2"
Color solution: "White"
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