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We are celebrating our 20th anniversary!

On August 10, 2019, the Belwooddoors Company celebrated a landmark event – the twentieth anniversary of the Company formation.


During the last 20 years, we managed to make a long evolvement journey as one of the leading manufacturers of the doors and become an honor to our nation.
Currently, the Bellesizdeliye Additional Liability Company (working under the Belwooddoors™ brand) is the leading manufacturer of doors in Belarus that supplies its products to the markets of 21 countries all around the world. During all these years, we designed and manufactured more than two and a half million (2,500,000) doors! Many years ago, in 1999, our team consisted of less than 20 employees, who had to work in rented premises.

Currently, the Company owns its own manufacturing plant that covers the area of more than 20 thousand square meters and has more than 600 employees tirelessly working on it. The long manufacturing history of the company started with the "Carolina" door that was incredibly popular in the markets developed by the company and allowed us to make a great start in the field of door manufacturing. By 2019, we managed to design and manufacture more than 100 different models of doors with various styles, including classic Italian, chic British and exquisite high-tech models.
During the last 20 years, we managed to reach a totally different level of quality and implemented a wide range of sophisticated manufacturing equipment that allows producing the doors of the highest quality. For example, after the successful installation of the Italian CEFLA painting equipment, we are able to create a perfect enamel coating for our doors. Our products are offered in the markets of Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Moldavia, Spain, the USA, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Mongolia, the UAE, and many other countries. We are proud of the fact that Belwooddoors managed to become an integral part of such large-scale objects as the EXPO Congress Hall and the National Space Complex in Kazakhstan, as well as the dozens of hotels and residential buildings in four continents, numerous educational institutions and millions of private homes and apartments all around the world. Currently, we created 12 branded studios with showrooms in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus. In August 2019, we are going to open our first branded shop in New Jersey in the USA.

The wide range of our products was appreciated by the customers and companies all around the world, as well as received numerous awards:

2011 – 2018: the Company received the Best product of the year in Belarus award every single year from 2011 to 2018;
2011 - 2018: Company becomes the winner of the Best product of the year in Belarus award
2011 - 2016: We were chosen as the winners of the Best product in the field of construction competition.
2011 - 2015: Our doors were considered the best product in the Best Belorussian products offered in the market of the Russian Federation competition.

In 2018, thanks to the strict compliance with the modern manufacturing standards and careful attitude to the environment the Company managed to obtain the FSC Certificate (Forest Stewardship Council).

The Company decided to celebrate the anniversary in an interesting and unusual way. In addition to the traditional celebration, the employees of the company were able to participate in a series of artistic staging and events. The veteran workers of the company had a chance to participate in the filming of an anniversary movie, while their colleagues took part in a vocal and choreographic staging themed on the Broadway musicals.

The pleasant atmosphere of the event was supported by the famous Belorussian TV host, Eugene Bulka, while the Yogurt cover band created an astonishing set of background music.
At the end of this memorable celebration, both employees and the guests of the even had a chance to enjoy colorful fireworks.




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Other news


Congress-hall EXPO in Astana city

BELWOODDOORS has proudly provided its products for the newest congress-hall EXPO in Astana city!

Our newest brand salon in Minsk

We are proud to announce opening of our newest brand salon in Minsk, Belarus!
We are always happy to meet our possible partners and invite you to cooperate on terms that will be equally beneficial not only to us, but to you. We can offer the most favorable variations on the implementation of interior doors in USA.

The main rule of our cooperation is the provision of the most acceptable and beneficial terms for both parties, not only at the start of the partnership, but also

during the entire period of our joint work.

We provide you with a special and truly exceptional product - interior doors from the manufacturer.

The firm "BELWOODDOORS" provides each of its partners with constant assistance in the foundation of their business and will be happy to give the dealers such conditions:

  • favorable pricing policy and accumulative bonuses;
  • exceptional initial working conditions;
  • advertising and information support;
  • very large, all-time supported size door storage;

All without exception door leafs, which are presented in the catalog of our company, are made of excellent raw materials. They are very reliable. The doors can be supplied with accessories that include the most resistant types of locks with the newest closing system.

The firm "BELWOODDOORS" occupies favorable positions in the wholesale trade of doors throughout the country. We are ready to work on favorable terms for you and offer the widest choice of interior doors.

We are the manufacturer, therefore the prices at us are accessible. Our staff will always help you in choosing our products.

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