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Results of 2017

We heartily congratulate our customers and partners with the New Year and Christmas! We are grateful for your choice to cooperate with us, and we really hope that our mutual cooperation will become even more fruitful the next year. We wish you prosperity, welfare, and happiness!

The Belwooddoors Company heartily congratulates our customers and partners with the New Year and Christmas! We are grateful for your choice to cooperate with us, and we really hope that our mutual cooperation will become even more fruitful the next year. We wish you prosperity, welfare, and happiness!

During the last year, we were able to increase our presence in different regions all around the world, as well as established partnerships with a huge number of selling points. Russia: we opened new studios in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow (on Kutuzovsky Lane). Kazakhstan: we managed to open several selling points in Astana and our branded department in Aktau. We opened a studio in Tajikistan. We also opened a new branded department and a studio in Grand Shopping Mall in Minsk. One can easily find the full list of our selling points and studios in the 'Where to buy' section.

Our doors are installed in a huge number of premises and objects: business centers, residential complexes, public buildings, and industrial plants. We are proud that our fire-resistant doors and door-frames from the Classic CPL collection were installed in the Congress Hall in Astana.

In Belarus, our doors were installed in a huge number of objects and projects, including the Novaya Borovaya residential Complex (Alta in white and Mirella in Bianco Nobile) and the Chinese-Belorussian Industrial Park called Velikiy Kamen' (Select 01, 02 Nero Nobile). One can easily find more useful information about the objects and projects with the doors from our company in the Portfolio section of the website.

In March, the administration of Minsk held the official ceremony of the Best products of Belarus Awards. The Belwooddoors Company was nominated in the 'Wooden door-frames and doors' category. In addition, the Company received two diplomas in the following categories: The best in the region - for showing astonishing results in the field of safety and the highest quality of the products in the region; The stable quality - for keeping the highest quality of the entire range of products throughout the time. In addition, at the end of the first stage of the competition, our wooden interior doors were assigned with the status of the finalist of the award in the Industrial products for the nation and popular craftwork items category.

In April 2017, we participated in the MosBuild/WorldBuild Moscow 2017 exhibition, where more than 400 professionals from the relevant fields visited the official stand of the company and expressed their interest in the production of BELWOODDOORS. In 2017, the Belwooddoors Company managed to obtain new compliance certificates for the interior doors and door-frames, as well as the results of the sanitary-epidemiological expertise that confirmed the fact that all products are in strict compliance with the strictest standards. One can easily find all the certificates of Belwooddoors in the Downloads section of the website.

This year we significantly expanded the product range of the company. In April, we added several new collections of doors, including the Narvika collection in Scandinavian style and the Sotby collection in the British style

The company started producing brand new metal entrance doors with the inner part resembling the design of the interior doors collections by Belwooddoors. The entrance door made of steel provides the highest durability and endurance while being totally fire-resistant and waterproof.

We also extended the model line by adding the following doors: Classic Premium and Maximum. We offer such astonishing doors as Barcelona, Inari, Madrid, Daliya, Bramley, Solary and many others.

In order to make your interiors more completed and give them a perfect look, the Belwooddoors Company decided to add the doors from Palazzo, Sotby, and Narvika with the own-manufactured skirting-boards. Starting from now, you don't need to spend your precious time to find skirting-boards, which will perfectly add the doors by Belwooddoors.


One can easily find the entire range of new models, as well as different catalogs and the general catalog on our website.


We believe that modern technologies and websites are able to improve the workflow and the process of communication, thus working hard to improve the website and implement the latest technologies. By adding new languages to the official website of Belwooddoors, we want to make it more convenient and accessible for a huge number of people all around the world. In 2017, in addition to the English version of the website, we successfully launched the Spanish version of



We added more videos and reviews to the website. We clearly understand that the best way to check the quality of the door is to look at it in one of the studios; however, if you are not able to make it, you can use all the benefits of video reviews.


We also updated the official catalog of the company: we implemented a new design, added new models with detailed characteristics, and a lot of useful information about the products by Belwooddoors. You can easily download it from the Downloads section.

That was the year of 2017 for the Belwooddoors Company. Stay in touch and get the latest updates: Subscribe for our newsletter and join our pages on Facebook and Instagram!

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Welcome our brand new model line Lamira from BELWOODDOORS!

Modern French Interior Doors
We are always happy to meet our possible partners and invite you to cooperate on terms that will be equally beneficial not only to us, but to you. We can offer the most favorable variations on the implementation of interior doors in USA.

The main rule of our cooperation is the provision of the most acceptable and beneficial terms for both parties, not only at the start of the partnership, but also

during the entire period of our joint work.

We provide you with a special and truly exceptional product - interior doors from the manufacturer.

The firm "BELWOODDOORS" provides each of its partners with constant assistance in the foundation of their business and will be happy to give the dealers such conditions:

  • favorable pricing policy and accumulative bonuses;
  • exceptional initial working conditions;
  • advertising and information support;
  • very large, all-time supported size door storage;

All without exception door leafs, which are presented in the catalog of our company, are made of excellent raw materials. They are very reliable. The doors can be supplied with accessories that include the most resistant types of locks with the newest closing system.

The firm "BELWOODDOORS" occupies favorable positions in the wholesale trade of doors throughout the country. We are ready to work on favorable terms for you and offer the widest choice of interior doors.

We are the manufacturer, therefore the prices at us are accessible. Our staff will always help you in choosing our products.