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Seeking best-suited material for the bathroom door

We will advise you how to select appropriate toilet and bathroom door and to ensure their long-lasting service life and aesthetic appearance.
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sliding bathroom door

Bathroom and toilet room. We should admit, these premises are putting forward most specific  requirements to room environment. Bathroom furniture and door should be capable to withstand heavy duty conditions like excessive humidity and temperature variation.

We will advise you how to select appropriate toilet and bathroom door and, inter alia, to ensure their long-lasting service life and aesthetic appearance.


Cubic space of your toilet/bathroom should be the most critical factor defining your choice. This is absolutely essential to take into account cubic capacity because it is directly correlated with air humidity. Small volume rooms, and, most notably, rooms having poor or missing ventilation, will permanently suffer from moisture attacks.

60% humidity should give you a hint that  doors made of solid wood or veneer-coated doors are unacceptable.

Now you have an advantage of enjoying a selection of  properly coated doors intended for premises where you spend considerable part of your life:

  • Wooden doors with moisture and temperature variations resistant coatings or wood veneer-coated doors;
  • Polymer coated doors  (laminate, CPL, PVC coating, eco wood veneer);
  • plastic;
  • glass and glass-composite;
  • enamel coated.

High humidity in your sanitation premise should force you to give preference to plastic, glass composite and glass door.

There is no ideal material or coating which could best fit    humidity, temperature or any other parameter.

However, spend some more money to provide cutting edge ventilation system and you will be free to choose any type of door - solid wood, veneer coated, laminated, enamel coated etc.

swinging bathroom door


Pay special attention to gluing quality. Door leaf and edges are critical areas. 

Fabrication procedure of some door models requires door leaf and edge surfaces to be coated by separate cuts of finishing material. Imperfectly  sealed seams which are invisible to the naked eye may cause coating damage due to moisture ingress.

Normally, most part of manufacturers producing doors made of water absorbing materials (solid door and other wooden materials) do not apply moisture resistant tape on upper and lower door leaf edges. However, namely these locations are mostly prone to moisture attack.

Therefore, if you discovered that your newly procured door is missing this important element - do not loose time and immediately rush to protect lower and upper edges by water blocking varnish.


Laminated doors refer to budget-friendly market segment.

Description of laminate tape constituent components is presented below:

  • Paper backing — 0.2 mm thick cost-efficient and resistant material which should be, however, avoided in bathroom door design.
  • CPL (laminatinе)  – reliably serviceable 0.7 mm thick coating.
  • Melamine film  — paper impregnated by melamine resin. Rather pragmatic but wear-resistant coating.
  • Glass fiber film — top-quality and high-price product.

Avoid using glass fiber film of uncertain origin. It will inevitably be damaged in moisture affected areas.

Thus, if you are intended to buy laminated door - select proper manufacturer first of all. After that, scrutinize what type of laminate was used and try to investigate coating specification. ESSENTIAL! Remember - cheap laminate is worst laminate!

Belwooddoors products presented below include CPL coated doors which integrate all currently available cutting edge technologies.


CPL (continuous pressure laminate) - stratified plastic which provides high-tech multi-layered  compacted coating  impregnated  by special compounds having the properties of heavy-duty plastic. It is made of various ligneous fibers mixed with binding  compound.

What is CPL famous for?

The answer is - unprecedented wearing wearlessness and mind blowing resistance to high temperature and UV impact.

Sharp nail streak will leave a deep trench on PVC surface while CPL coating will remain virgin.

Hot object like tea kettle or press iron will make the PVC and finishing film change the shape while СPL will neglect the same impact.

Design. Laminatine is capable to duplicate by maximum the wood texture. You will hardly tell the difference between CPL and natural wood veneer coated doors.

Environmental friendliness. CPL is not emitting hazardous substance even being heated.

Ease of care. Laminatine is resistant to contaminants like oil, fat, cosmetics, kids wall paintings. All this can be easily removed by household chemicals without any harm to the coating. Being resistant to moisture impact laminatine may be employed in wet premises.

Laminated coatings are capable to withstand considerable mechanical impacts, their moistureproofness is similar with glass.

Get familiar with CPL coated Belwooddoors products — we are sure you’ll have a unique chance to decorate your bathroom in up-to-date manner.


Door frame is made of MDF (medium density fiberboard) or pine wood. Door leaf applied thereon is covered by PVC film. This type of coating provides the door with water repelling properties, therefore, you can clean them using sanitizing agents.

Most prominent competitive advantage of these products over plastic analogs - considerably wider collection of colors and textures.

To weak points you can refer probability of delamination which may be followed by moisture ingress as well as hardly felt presence of chloride in the film.

PVC coatings begin to emit chloride under excessive temperatures. This is why we cannot refer PVC to environment friendly products.

Since our clients prefer to have safely designed dwellings they should rather prevent themselves from using PVC doors in their bathrooms.

This is why Belwooddoors products do not contain PVC.


Eco wood veneer next generation material. This is actually  a merge of (i) industrial wood residues and (ii) polymeric  plasticate which is absolutely harmless and environment friendly.

Eco wood veneer and natural material look like twin brothers.

However, eco wood veneer's consumer performance is good deal better than natural material’s. It is resistant to moisture and mechanical impact, has aesthetic appearance and, what is absolutely essential, environmentally friendly even at high temperatures that makes it an exceptional option for the bathroom design.

Here you can find the line of our eco wood veneer coated doors.


Right-minded person will hardly provide solid wood doors for the sanitation premises due to their  water absorbing properties. However, such doors being adequately impregnated and properly coated by water-resistant varnish and paint may be in service for dozens of years.

Therefore, if you decide to procure solid wood doors first ask the seller if such door is suitable for sanitation premises.

Belwooddoors range of products does not include solid wood doors.

Frame of doors intended for veneer coating is made of low-cost soft wood, MDF or chipboard. Natural veneer sheet is normally used for finishing.

Natural veneer coated doors are respectable-looking. But, at the same time, their moisture and temperature variation  resistance leave much to be desired. Of course, it is possible to protect natural veneer by multiple varnish layers.  Alas! Under continuous impact of moisture your varnish coated veneer will  turn pale and swell.

From this it follows that natural veneer coated doors are not suitable for wet premises.

On the other hand, natural veneer coated doors, namely “Belwooddoors” products with natural veneer coating will of no doubt dress-up and reshape other rooms in your dwelling.


Plastic doors are first of all affordable. Foamed polystyrene is used as filler.

They are hydrophobic. Means theу neglect  temperature variations, fungus and moldiness. Good sound and heat insulation may also be referred to advantages provided by this type of doors.

Drawbacks - repeatability and modest appearance. Most frequently these have alike design which means white color and standard dimensions.

Under high temperature impact plastic is emitting chloride thus being proven as an insecure material.

Assortment offered by Belwooddoors does not contain plastic doors.


With exceptional  utilization properties solid glass doors appear to be ideal solution for your bathroom.

They look superb, they confer lightness and, of course, they add space to the premise.

Modern tempered and triplex glasses pass mechanical impacts unnoticed. Moreover, you may  clean them by any chemical detergent.

If you suffer from insomnia deciding what you should install in your bathroom - save your time and immediately rush to Belwooddors to discuss the design of your solid glass door.

Glass is a unique and absolutely environment safe material. Design of solid glass doors excludes injuries. Even after a violent blow the door will not get scattered. You will either see something that recalls a kaleidoscope or the door will break down into non-life-threatening micro pieces.

Solid door has one but considerable weak point - its high price and weight suggest specific door frame and rock-solid hardware.

To protect your personal private space you should preferably select non-transparent, i.e. opaque or painted glass.

Belwooddoors range of products is not represented by full glass doors.

However, partially glazed doors may fit your bathroom.

Glass-fiber bathroom doors

Modern glass-fiber material (glass-fiber composite) integrates the following constituent components:

  • glass fiber which amounts to 70% of total;
  • cured polyester resins used as binding agents. Their share is 30%.

Glass fiber is exceptionally resistant to moisture and temperature variations. So it will be and ideal choice for your bathroom and toilet.

Belwooddoors range of products is not represented by fiber-glass composite doors.


Enamel coated doors are marked by moisture and heat resistance features.

Other benefits:

  • variability: immense color range;
  • multipurposeness – ability to satisfy any interior design solution;
  • usability, ease of coating care;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • multiple color change option;
  • hygienic friendliness: sanitary treatment with no harm to coating quality;
  • superb consumer performance: safety, durability, ability to withstand chemical and physical impacts;
  • unlimited decoration change availability: painting,  patinating, mosaic application, gold plating, etc.

Belwooddoors offers wide range of doors coated by high-grade Italian enamel finish.

All of them 100% satisfy the requirements put forward by  sanitation premise.


Polypropylene — multilayer coating, film, to be more precise, which is capable to imitate natural wood pattern, texture and even surface shape.

Polypropylene is a durable polymeric material possessing unbelievable performance characteristics and resistance to mechanical impacts.

It demonstrates good moisture resistance features. Being continuously in contact with moisture at room temperature we would estimate its water absorption ability as modest 0,5%. Temperature rise to 60°С will respectively cause this value to reach 2%.

Same material is used for plastic bottles and disposable tableware manufacturing.

This material  will definitely fit your bathroom or rest room. Being properly installed they will serve you for centuries.

Please find below polypropylene doors manufactured by Belwooddoors: for sure, one of them will soon be yours.


It’s a hard task to make adequate choice when you are offered this variety of door models. This is why we are pleased to propose you a table which will obviously help you select the best bathroom door you deserve:


While contemplating what door you want to install in your bathroom you should first decide for yourself what factor is most crucial: distinguished exterior, moisture resistance features or ability to withstand mechanical impacts. Solid glass doors is an optimum solution. There's no doubt about it. In this case entire criteria are taken into account and satisfied. However, weight and cost matter considerably. More budget-friendly options include eco veneer, laminatine and natural wood veneer. Plastic and PVC-coated doors are potentially health-hazardous due to chlorine emission under heat impact. Solid wood doors might not be a good solution for premises with humidity over 60%.

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The main rule of our cooperation is the provision of the most acceptable and beneficial terms for both parties, not only at the start of the partnership, but also

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