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Размеры распашных межкомнатных дверей

Размеры двухстворчатых распашных дверей

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Interior swing-type doors may be single and double-leaf.

Double-leaf doors represent most widespread type used to furnish the sitting room.

In some applications swing-type interior doors serve not only to close/open the wall opening between the rooms but to perform decorative function as well.

Depending on wall opening width and number of leaves you are going to provide there are several possible versions how to create your interior door. State standards adhered to in Russia and Belarus identify the design for single and double-leaf swing-type interior doors.

However, if you need non-standard (e.g. dimension, color) doors to be procured your request can be easily fulfilled because almost all door manufacturers are capable to create the product of any shape, dimensions and decorative details. At that, the manufacturer will be entitled to establish minimum mandatory quantity of products in your purchase order.

Belwooddoors, for instance, defines this minimum batch of non-standard (dimension, color) doors as five units.

Specific features of double-leaf swing-type doors

Double and single-leaf doors have similar structural design.

One leaf can be fixed whilst the other one will fulfill closing/opening function. Fixed leaf can be opened to allow furniture or any other big item to carry through. Narrow part normally represents one third of total wall opening width. If both parts of the door have different width it is reasonable to foresee temporary fixation mechanism for each of them.

Preparation for mounting

In advance, it is essential to determine the location of hinges, height of the handle and decide whether the door sill will be provided.

Important! Don’t make a common mistake and provide the space for the door leaf to be opened to in full. Mind the direction as well.

The door movement must be unobstructed, it should not touch the floor and should not leave scratches anywhere. The properly installed door leaf should not move wherever it wants. It means that in partially opened position the door leaf must be moveless and keep the position you define for it.


Below described materials are used for modern interior doors manufacturing.

  • Pine wood blocks.
  • MDF or HDF.
  • Solid wood.
  • Glass.
  • Plastic.
  • Metals: aluminum, steel.


Mind the weight of entire door assembly prior to install your double-leaf swing-type door.

Of course, weight and materials you are going to use are interdependent.

Glass and solid wood are heavy whilst MDF or HDF are weighing less.

Door height is also an issue.

If the wall opening is high it is a common option to use a fanlight - insert in the opening top part which is often provided by means of glass.

Wall opening

Normally 100 to 160 centimeters opening is provided for double-leaf doors.

Where wall openings are non-standard or wall thickness is bigger (in own detached houses contrary to apartment block) the doors are ordered with reference to individual request.

Dimensions of swing-type door units

If you decided to procure swing-type interior doors it is necessary to take into account not only door leaf dimensions when sizing the wall openings.

Dimensions of door casing and trims should also be taken into account.

It often happens that wall opening size fails to meet the size of the door unit you already ordered. In this case the door you have bought should be supplemented by extension panels (to adjust width and height parameters). Important! Thoroughly calculate width, height and thickness of all elements incorporating the door unit.

Begin with wall opening size identification. Its dimensions should exceed the door unit’s. Adjustment by wood blocks, plaster slabs and bricks is admissible. This can of course affect the weight characteristics and should be therefore accounted for. Height can be adjusted by means of wood beam (it will be hidden) or fanlight. Casing thickness is defined with reference to wall thickness.

Casing dimensions are measure up against the door leaf dimensions.

Double-leaf swing-type doors abide the same laws. They are respectable-looking and this is why they are more often used in sitting and dining rooms. These doors have two leaves. They may be similar or different in width. In the latter case the part which is more narrow is often immobile.

Standards and parameters

Double-leaf doors may be similar in width (e.g. 60+60 cm) or different: 40 cm + 80 cm, 60 cm + 80-90 cm. Normally, the leaf width may vary between 40 and 120 and may be even more wide.

All these models mat be found in standard ranges of products and can be procured as ready-to-install.

Door dimensions are defined by national standard (GOST). This standard specifies the following:

Height — standard is 200 cm (divergence between 190 and 210 cm is admissible). In rooms with 3 meters high ceiling the door height may reach 230 cm. A gap under the door casing above the floor or door sill should be left to allow free movement.

In rooms with high ceilings the double-leaf swing-type doors should be 210-230 cm high. Where the ceiling is too high (over 3.5 m) it is possible to insert the fanlight on the top of the wall opening.

Width may vary between 60 cm (sometimes even 55 cm) and 90 cm. Sometimes, in order to allow less crowded passage, you may install 70-80 cm wide door. The bigger the room the wider the wall opening should be provided. This is typical for single-leaf models. Double-leaf models are 1,5-2 times wider. For sanitation premises it is reasonable to provide less wide doors while for dining room and entrance doors the width should be larger. Width of the double-leaf models may reach 130 cm.

It must be borne in mind that door mass is increasing in proportion to its height and this is why, for instance, 200 cm high mobile door leaf should not be more than 21 cm wide - otherwise it will be rather hard to open.

Thickness depends on door leaf material and overall dimensions of the door unit. The door leaf is normally thinner than the casing. Its width may vary in models using some particular inserts. Glass doors are most thin. Selecting the door thickness please mind the weight characteristics - heavy door may cause the door leaf to sag down resulting in wall opening overload.

Standard width of the casing is 4-6 cm.

Important! Considering the door leaf parameters try to find the best length-width correlation. Narrow door is uncomfortable, too wide and low door looks unaesthetic. With 190 cm height standard width is about 60 cm, if the height is over 200 cm the better option is 70-90 cm.

If your flat is in base building condition or you are selecting the doors for the private house built-up according to individual construction design you are free to create your own door size. However, it is important to ensure proper door-room compatibility and to take into consideration heat insulation parameters. If you already selected wall holes dimensional parameters you may easily procure your doors in advance. Having your door dimensions available you are free to establish the dimensions of the door casings.

Door casing dimensions

Normally theses are supplied in one package with door leaves: i.e. It has “П” shape with hinges and door leaf already fixed on it.

Casing dimensions depend on the door leaf height and width. Besides, it is recommended that casing dimensions should be less than hole dimensions by not more than 3 cm.

With that in mind, the door unit becomes 5-15 cm higher. Plus two posts making in whole 20-30 cm. Also, it is necessary to foresee a technological gap between wall and casing to allow proper casing installation. Leave 15-20 mm gap on each side, top and bottom, to allow movement.

Important! If during doors installation the floor is still unfinished - leave some gap to lay the finishing layer on the screed.

Standard thickness of the casing should be 75 mm and it should be also taken into account while doors installation. Builders mounting the doors in high-rise blocks of flats mention namely this parameter. In private houses the door units may be either adjusted or may be ordered according to individual request.

Ideal solution is to procure the entire door unit including doors itself, door casing and trims. However, some technological gaps should be in any way left along the perimeter to allow movement.

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