Model 05

A new product from the company Belwooddoors - metal entrance doors, the inner lining of which can have interior design.
Морская волна
Solutions for this door

Advanced noise reduction

Excellent heat insulation

180° opening angle

Break-in protection

Coordinating inner caps

2 year warranty after installment

Technical characteristics

  • Door frame
    reliability provides by metal door frame thickness 1,5 mm
  • Filling
    mineral wool
  • Compaction circuit
    2 sealing circuits (on the canvas and on the door frame) - for additional sound insulation
  • Tamper resistance
    anti-removable pins from hinges side
  • Eccentric adjuster
    high level of sound insulation
  • Outside panel
    2 types and colors of outside panel
  • The perimeter of the door leaf
    made of zincked steel with polymer powder coating thickness 1 mm
  • Dimensions
    2060х860мм, 2060х960мм
  • Inside panels
    same designs of interior doors from BELWOODDOORS collections
  • Hardware
    lower level: cylinder lock; upper level: chubb detector lock; additional lock: “night guard” – one can open and close this lock only from is inside

In detail about Model 05


- 2060X860 mm;

- 2060x860 mm.

The door leaf thickness with panel is from 89 mm (depending on the model of inside panel)

The spyhole milling is made at a height of 150 cm.

Door opening: left and right;

- 2 types of outside panels;

- 2 colors of outside panel;

- Varieties of inside panels;

The perimeter of the door leaf is made of zincked steel with polymer powder coating thickness 1 mm;

The door frame is from made of zincked steel with polymer powder coating thickness 1,5 mm;

Filling: mineral wool;

Compaction circuits (across the perimeter of the door leaf and door frame);

Door accessories:

- Lower level: cylinder lock;

- Upper level: chubb detector lock;

- Additional lock: “night guard” – one can open and close this lock only from is inside.

Anti-removable pins from hinges side.

The average weight is 93 kg.

2 years of warranty.

Entry door configurations


A door leaf represents structure that is made of unibody sheet metal thickness 1 mm. The doors reliability provides by metal door frame thickness 1,5 mm. Inside the door, where locks are, the transversal and longitudinal ribs also from metal sheet are welded.


Door leaf is filled in by the layer of polyurethane thickness 58 mm, which ensures stiffness of the door leaf, endurance, good sound insulation and heat transmission resistance. Unlike rock mineral wool, polyurethane filling doesn’t change its form. It doesn’t cause allergies. The lifetime of this material is around 40 year!


Outside MDF panel thickness 16 mm is covered by decorative finishing of German production. The inside panels have the same designs as interior doors from BELWOODDOORS collections.


Comfort and safety directly depends on the quality sealing form. The door frame has unibody curved 3-stepped form, with rubber seal guarantying high level of sound insulation. For metal door leaf is used the Swedish production seal.


From the hinges side, in the door end there are anti-removable pins don’t allow to open door slab even after cutting off the hinges. The lock covers for 4-th level security locks provide the highest protection level!


Diversity of inside panels with the same designs of interior doors from BELWOODDOORS collections.

Other models from a series Входные

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