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Interior doors for small appartments

What do I need to consider when choosing doors for small flats?
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Below, you find a piece of adviсe on what you should consider while selecting the doors for small compact flats.

If you decide to change the design of your small flat, think twice and pay your maximum attention to every minor detail of the interior to make your flat homely.

Today's wide variety of doors enables almost everyone to close the wall openings by doors to ensure maximum space for the designer to meet modern requirements.

Traditional swing-type doors often "swallow up" most of the living space, not allowing you to locate your furniture close to the wall opening.

You may ask if it is a problem. Big one! However, the way out exists. Below listed products represent "economy class" door designs.

Recommended door types for small flats

Sliding doors

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Now that you will fight to the death for every inch, we advise you to select the so-called sliding door where the door leaves are not swinging on the hinge inside the door casing. Instead, they are either moving along the wall or retrude into a special pocket.

In this case, you will have to leave some space by moving your furniture a bit aside. Not very much, just 4''-6" (10-15cm), to allow the door leaf movement.

4''-6'' is in any case better than 31-1/2'' (80cm) for a swing-type door.

You'll obtain even more space for your furniture by providing a special pocket inside the wall to accommodate the door leaf.

In an ideal world, this pocket should be one piece integrated with frame partitions into which the door leaf will slide.

If frame partitions have been already in place, the pocket will be attached to them, making the wall thicker and thus stealing precious centimetres of space.

Drawback: sliding doors are often noise-producing. There is an audible rustling noise when closing/opening. You will never be able to move a sliding door without being noticed.

Also, socket outlets, switches, pictures and lamps must not be placed on the wall, as they interfere with the movement of the door leaf.

Folding doors

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A folding ("accordion") door is one more solution for compact flats. It consists of hinge-connected panels that fold up to open the door and form a straight line when the door is closed.

It's worth noting that the accordion door in a closed position extends outwards. However, it works only inside the opening and does not affect the wall area allowing the owner to move the furniture in the wall zone.

Drawback: folding doors reduce the passage.

Rotary doors

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These represent one more option to use the flat area more effectively. Vertical pins located close to the leaf edge are used instead of hinges.

Due to such design, the door leaf moves aside, towards the post, simultaneously rotating 180° roundabout, and protracts by its halves into adjacent premises.

The drawback of a rotary door is the reduced door hole. Only models with a door leaf that slides into the doorjamb can maximise the door opening.

Noise prevention

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The sound reduction is a trouble spot for the doors with a non-standard opening mechanism.

In addition, you'll have to be tolerant to odours of various origins which penetrate through such doors since a specific clearance must be around the entire door perimeter to allow smooth door movement. Therefore, perfect tightness appears to be unachievable.

Swinging doors are better suited to bathrooms and kitchens.

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